Success Stories


LYN H. Private Health Coaching Client

My top three goals upon starting the 3-month one to one coaching program with Lea were to develop and sustain a healthy relationship with food, therefore maintaining a steady weight and enjoying all foods without a guilt trip: to stop binge eating and reduce alcohol intake and to get off the diet and binge yoyo I’d been on for years and years. Lea was able to help me work toward these goals by introducing me to mindful meditation and mindful eating; she helped me develop self compassion and to break the self blaming/self doubting circle of negativity. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning working with Lea has been my total acceptance of myself as I am; a worthiness, acceptance and self-forgiveness I never had before. Thanks to her coaching I am fully at ease with foods I once felt were off limits, an acceptance of carrying a few extra pounds in weight that would have bothered me before and the fact that my weight is stable. Wow! I like myself now and don’t continually criticise myself. I’m loving eating what I consider normal without the weight gain. By doing meditations and developing my mindful eating, I am relaxed and enjoying my food more. I can easily go days without alcohol. I have the tools to notice high stress times when I might have headed to the sweetie tin before but can now do a short meditation or ‘chill-out’ activity. Lea is the sweetest, kindest, most patient and understanding soul. She was always quick to pick up on an issue I presented and helped me work through it by talking and giving me appropriate ‘homework’ to do. Even when I suggested she give up on me as a hopeless case, Lea helped and guided me through the self criticism and self doubt. To have Lea believing in me, I could also develop that belief.I would recommend my Lea`s Coaching Program to anyone who struggles with their relationship with food, alcohol, yo yo dieting, weight gain and loss, to anyone who might feel they’re too old to be able to change their feelings of hopelessness and lack of self worth (I’m 72!) and to anyone who would love to eat ‘normally’, eat all those forbidden foods and not put on weight. Lea made me feel whole and was able to take away my caustic relationship with food. She has been so very steadfast, loving, kind and whereas I have sought help over many many years. Thanks to her I have learned the tools to continue this new and natural way of eating healthily with meditation, mindful eating and new coping strategies for times of stress and self doubt.

Libi. W. Private Coaching Client

Lea is one of the most attentive, good listener, intuitive coaches I have ever worked with. She is patient, calm, centered. She was able to reflect back to me patterns and behaviors that I was unaware of, or aware of and not able to truly face. We did practical things like meditate, talk about menus, fill out goals and charts, make daily plans etc. We were also able to dive deep into my food psyche and really try to uncover why my patterns are the way they are, and what I could do to change them. Often the sessions felt like therapy and I came out of them feeling hopeful and anew. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that my emotional (or “exhausted”) eating is reduced by 50%. This is huge! I’ve been eating this way for 36 years, so to say that it’s down 50% to me is a very big accomplishment. When I do emotionally eat, it’s a lot less and I’m able to be in tune with my body and feel the discomfort it causes me. I have a stopping point now which I never really had. The second change I’ve noticed is that our family menu is slowly but surely changing and becoming healthier. My children are trying foods that I never even thought to offer. Every meal has something added that adds health alongside the food that is more familiar to them at the moment. I’ve also noticed that I don’t obsess over my weight like I used to. Sure it would be awesome to lose a bit of weight, but the coaching helped me reframe my attitude. Lea has provided me with many tools, guidance, practice and advice on how to implement them. Noticing my patterns through working with Lea has been a big thing for me. I often imagine Lea right next to me as I’m about to engage in an old coping mechanism and it helps me stop myself and make a better choice. Lea is a sweet, caring, smart, attentive, engaged, humble, eager to help, knowledgeable, open minded Health Coach. I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with the food psyche. Anyone looking to make consistent changes for life. 3 months is the minimum it takes to start seeing behavior changes and it’s well worth the investment. Change won’t happen overnight. Take a leap of faith and commit to working with Lea. You won’t regret it.

Angela G. Private Coaching Client

My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were to improve my eating habits with particular focus on managing my IBS symptoms, increase physical exercise and develop skills to increase confidence, manage my expectations of myself and set boundaries in my relationships. Lea was able to help me work toward these goals by introducing me to the green smoothie! This simple change to my morning routine has been a miracle worker in managing my IBS. In addition, Lea helped me by setting small achievable goals and providing support in between appointments. As well as, working on my mindset through mindfulness and self-compassion. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been improvement of my physical fitness and my friends commenting that I have lost weight. I have also noticed a huge change in my mindset, I am now kinder to myself and persevere more in face of obstacles. Lea is very dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with compassion and accountability. She has helped me adopt some really great new habits but more importantly, has changed the way I think about and treat myself. I would recommend her to everyone who would like to improve their health whether this be physically or mentally.